Soundcloud Optimised Master

Files are uploaded to our server (max size 100mb), We will do our very best to rectify stereo image, PEQ, DEQ, GEQ balance, clip any unwanted spikes, compression if needed, dither and optimise limiting levels for SoundCloud and other sites like itunes etc and return as a polished 320k Mp3 or format of your choosing Wav, Aiff etc, remember to include your Artist & Track details and any information required and we will disscus your needs, upload your audio media (Wav, Mp3 Aiff) or: Contact us with your format, include any cover art, meta data as a zipped file/s (preferred option) in the upload page which is sent to your e-mail after payment is confirmed. Max track time 10mins (See payment form below).

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Payment for: 1. SoundCloud Optimised track *NEW* 2019 Promotional Price

Amount: £20.00

Quantity  maximum 14 tracks

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